Reliability and Accuracy in planning your geothermal energy projects

geoSIM is your tool for simulating and sizing of borefields with the geoKOAX® coaxial volume ground source heating exchangers (GSHE).
The simulation tool assists geologists, construction planners, architects, drilling companies and heating and/or cooling engineers with easy and quick planning of any size of geothermal ground heating exchanger systems - from small systems with only few kW up to complex large-scale systems including District Energy Systems (DES). The tool tests and analyzes the variables between the required heating and cooling capacities, peak and base loads, ground conditions, heating exchange fluid requirements and probe lengths and spacing allowing for an optimal accuracy and ease of planning.
In addition, geoSIM allows for the inclusion of Thermal Response Test (TRT) results and to control the simulation process with individual thermal borehole resistance values. The tool’s easy and intuitive user interface and its quick calculating times help reduce your daily workload. The project files are customizable for your individual needs and can be used for project calculation, management and archiving at the same time.


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